Froot Loops
        Matt Wiegerling

        Froot Loops come from a box.
        Many different colors mean, many different flavors. 
        Different flavors?
Sure, they are all the same flavor. 
        Yet, they mean well. 
        Toucan Sam, well he's my main man,
my, right hand man, my hero. 
        Sure he's a cartoon character. 
        Yet, in my mind he's out there. 
        Froot Loops schrivle up when they get wet. 
        In my mind it's got to be explained some how. 
        The truth is out there. 

        Froot Loops rock when they have no milk in them. 
        Milk might just ruin the taste. 
        You are eating a cereal in which is endorsed
by a living legend, a toucan. 
        And, well, milk is made by a cow? 
        Doesn't sound right to me either.
        It's like mixing Pepto-Bismol and Ex-lax,
Making a Chevy With a Ford engine,
or possibly a sexual relationship between 
        The Six Million Dollar Man and Agent Fox Mulder.  
        And that's all I got to say about that.

I posted this for my friend Matt who wrote this out of the blue one day.  You can e-mail me and I'll make sure he'll get them. 


Jennie Keen