Hello all!! I have a shortie up called Santana. Enjoy!!

DISCLAIMER: All works here are mine, however, The Sentinel belongs to Pet Fly Productions and Paramount. Please do not sue, I do this soley to get rid of excess energy. Plus, I really have no money at all.

Jennie's Sentinel Fan Fiction.
Friends Are The Best Blair gets sick
My Sentinel Parody of Little Red Riding Hood. Little Red Riding Hood...only with an evil girl, and a Sentinel and guide.
A Day in the Life of Blair Sandburg  DEATH STORY DEATH STORY DEATH STORY
The Sister of the Moons Naomi's back in town
The Choice Blair has to make a decison.
The Fight for Power It's a Sentinel Two ending.
Edge of Seventeen  Blair and the Military??? Hmm...  : )
Santana Based on a conversation my dad and I had about Santana's new song, Smooth.
Sympathy Points Blair has a very very bad day.